My name is Barb Allen
Always an artist at heart, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University many, many years ago, but did not make my first quilt until 2003 on the opposite coast.  I joined a quilting group at church – more for the comradery than with any intention of decorating my bedroom.  Then one day I ventured into a new fabric store that specialized in all things quilt and was introduced to the concept of Quilt as Art.  I was in there for hours that day – marveling at the images on the wall and strolling through aisle after aisle of rich, exotic, batik fabrics.  I was hooked immediately and jumped into landscape quilts.
A few years later we moved to Colorado, where I was blessed with a whole community of fiber artists from whom I garnered support and inspiration for six years.  It was there that I transitioned to my current passion for fabric portraits – human and animal.  A lot of the images represent my “Heart Home” in Zambia.
In 2014, we relocated to Upstate New York.   I live with my beloved husband – gifted jazz artist - arranger, composer, valve-trombonist - Phil Allen, and our ridiculously stubborn, but adorable, West Highland Terrier, named Buster Posey.   -b
"Every day is a gift from God and I intend to make the most of each one."
Barb Allen
"If I were called upon to define briefly the word Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul." Paul Cezanne
“Art is collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.”   Andre Gide
“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.” A.A. Milne