Art Quilt Immersion
Fiber Art by Barb Allen
"Do not neglect the gift you have been given...
Practice these things, immerse yourself in them,
so that all may see your progress." 1Tim 4:14-15
My quilts are pictorial in nature and are meant to evoke a personal memory – real or imagined - in the mind of each viewer.  They are rarely literal; I leave that to all of the wonderful photographers out there.  My goal is to delight the eye with a surprising use of color and pattern.
I work primarily with lush batiks and other hand-dyed cottons. Because I love the tactile nature of working with fabric, I often throw in areas of heavy thread painting, ribbon, or bits of velvet or sparkly stuff with the intention of instilling a desire to lose oneself in the feel of the art, as well as contemplating the visual escape.
If you find yourself wafting away to another time or place as your hand reaches out unconsciously to touch the piece, I’ve succeeded in immersing you in my art.